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About us

Built by data nerds, on a mission to unlock early stage investing.

We are experienced entrepreneurs, we have led companies through good and bad times, and we’ve noticed that all companies, even at early stages, and even in “stealth mode” emit volumes of data. Data about the founders, employees, product releases, news, investments, social media and more… So we started with a simple idea - collect and analyze all the data for all startups and develop algorithms that accurately predict success.

Today, our AI engine monitors over 20,000 startups and provides investment recommendations that guide billions in investments. We connect investors with the entrepreneurs that build the next big thing and entrepreneurs with the capital they need to make it happen.


Amir Ashkenazi
Co-founder & CEO
Six-times founder, one IPO and three acquisitions totaling over $1.1 billion
Lior Amram
Co-founder & CTO
Twenty-four years of experience in building web-scale data systems
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